TIE Cohort 2022

Welcome our TIE Cohort of 2022! These interns have worked extraordinarily hard to support the community based organizations they were matched with during their 8-week internship. For many of our interns, interning at a CBO and being exposed to the nonprofit sector was a first, but they were able to gain a unique perspective into LA’s most challenging issues within the APIDA community, with many of them inspired to work in the nonprofit sector or take the experiences they’ve gained with them in whatever pathways they walk in the future. APASS is thrilled to have placed 20 interns across several CBOs in LA this semester. It has been an honor to work with all of the interns and see their journeys with each of these organizations where they received hands on experience with community oriented work. Here are the amazing interns of our TIE Cohort 2022!

Katelyn Do (she/her)
57045BE3-477E-4E8D-9C91-669E456D8FDE - Xianchi Zhang
Xianchi Zhang (she/her)
AmyPang - Amy Pang
Amy Pang (she/her)
CA00DFB9-E977-4AC2-AF76-EA31328A8300 - Emily Phally(1)
Emily Phally (she/her)
DSC_0090 - Mary Ramirez
Mary Ramirez (she/her)
Queenie Tu (she/her)
headshot - Sophia Pelaez
Sophia Pelaez (any)
IMG_4382 - Grace Zhang
Grace Zhang (they/any/all)
IMG_5221 - Stephanie Cheng
Stephanie Cheng (she/her)
IMG_5560 - Yingxin Wu
Yingxin Wu (she/her)
kelly_huang_headshot - Kelly Huang
Kelly Huang (she/her/they/them)
Yuxin Wang (she/her)
Zenya Hsu (she/her)
Jenna Ogawa (she/her)
So Jung_s Headshot
So Jung An (she/her)
unnamed-1 - Mary Ahn
Mary Ahn (she/her)
20220111_164620 (4) - Neel Iyer
Neel Iyer (he/him)
Linh Ha (she/her)
Jennie duong
Jennie Duong (she/her)

Not Pictured:

Marc Angelo Gumangan