Become a CBO Partner

Become A Partner

Do you have special projects that need attention? Are you interested in supporting college students in an educational learning experience and providing insight into the Los Angeles APIDA community? Support our TIE Internship Program by becoming a Community Based Organization (CBO) partner with APASS.

Currently, our TIE Internship Program takes place in the Spring semester of the academic calendar (January – April). Student interns will be matched to an APIDA CBO and receive hand-on experience in the workplace, develop professional skills and experiences, have access to valuable thought leaders, and receive peer-to-peer support through their cohort. At the end of the program, the cohort will develop a Campus Action Project (CAP) that will address a critical social issue in the APIDA community specifically seen/or experienced on the USC campus.  

CBO Special Projects

Site Supervisors are responsible for creating and assigning to an intern a special project that serves a specific need of the CBO and contributes to the learning and development of the intern. Special projects should help the intern to develop skills and experience in at least one functional area including the following: funding and development, policy, advocacy, outreach, communications and marketing, program development, and assessment. Click here for TIE Sample Intern Special Projects.

Projects are not meant to be general office work. The majority of the hours outlined in their work plan should specifically contribute to the goals and outcomes of the project. No more than 10 hours should be assigned to general office administration, unless it directly contributes to the tangible outcome of the special project.

Examples of Previous CBO Special Projects

Site Supervisor Expectations

  • Attend CBO TIE Orientation
  • Identify one professional staff member to serve as the internship Site Supervisor
  • Determine and assign a 40-hour special project to intern
  • Regularly meet with intern to check in on project status
  • Participate in mid-program check-in with APASS staff
  • Complete post-program survey

Anticipated Timeline

Timeline is subject to change** 

November – CBO Internship Site Placement Applications Open

December – CBOs are notified if they are selected for site placement

January – CBO Orientation and Candidate Interviews

January – February – CBO and Candidate Match Process

Mid-February – Internship begins

Late-April – Internship concludes

Internship Match Process

Once your CBO is selected as an internship site placement, our staff will conduct a comprehensive match process in which we pair your CBO with a potential candidate. We use multiple tools to help make a strong match and these include the following: interviews and notes, candidate’s resume, application, and essay. Through the internship match process, we are able to offer CBOs high-caliber candidates that fit their needs. 

Stipend Match Program

The TIE Internship Program rewards our interns a stipend upon satisfactory completion. Through our stipend match program, we ask that, for each intern, CBOs finance 50% of the stipend in which APASS will match 50%. Any additional intern requested by the CBO (2 or more) will be the responsibility of the CBO to cover the stipend in full (100%). 

Apply to be a CBO Internship Site Placement

Thanks for your interest! Our applications to become a CBO Internship Site Placement for Spring 2022 will launch in Fall 2021. Please check back for details.

For more information or if you would like to be added to our CBO Interest List, please email Center Supervisor, Bao Nhia Moua, at

Thank You to our Spring 2021 Partners!

We are so appreciative of our local partners who participated as CBO internship site placements. In Spring 2021, we partnered with 10 CBOs and placed 20 USC interns remotely across LA county. Thank you for supporting the TIE Internship Program and our USC Trojans!