TIE Internship Program


The TIE Internship Program provides college students with an educational learning experience and insight into the Los Angeles APIDA community through participation, empowerment, and advocacy. The program will foster the development and learning of students to become leaders and changemakers in their community. At this time, the TIE Program will be operating in a hybrid model with some internships operating as 100% remote. 

The TIE Internship Program is co-sponsored by the First-Generation Plus Success Center and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. 

Program Structure

The structure of the TIE Internship Program features four core components that will help to develop effective leaders on our campus and in our community:

Community Empowerment. Interns will be placed at a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in the Los Angeles county whose work centers on key social issues impacting the APIDA community. Interns will focus on a specific project at their site placement and gain skills in one of the following areas: funding and development; policy, advocacy, and outreach; communications and marketing; program development; and assessment. Interns will be tasked with a specific project determined by the CBO. 

Seminar. Interns will participate in bi-weekly seminars that will enhance leadership, knowledge, and professional development skills. Seminars will feature campus and community guest speakers, discussions on key social issues in the APIDA community, and leadership and professional development workshops.

Cohort Internship Model. Through the cohort internship model, interns will gain exposure to more content, participate in varied experiences, acquire diverse perspectives, and connect more ideas and concepts for intentional learning and development. 

Campus Action Project (CAP). The internship cohort will collaborate to develop a CAP to identify a critical social issue in the APIDA community specifically seen or experienced on the USC campus. With the combination of the internship site placement and seminar, interns will use the knowledge and tools they’ve learned to create a CAP that addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus. The CAP must be produced as a tangible outcome (e.g., workshop curriculum, report, database, etc.). The CAP will be used as a resource to help improve campus climate and student well-being initiatives across USC. 

Learning Objectives

Throughout the internship, interns will: 

  • Explore how CBOs create effective change through community participation, empowerment, and advocacy
  • Deepen their understanding of specific issues that impact the APIDA community
  • Develop the skills and mindset to be effective leaders in their community
  • Consider how their personal experiences and identity fit within the larger APIDA historical context
  • Develop professional skills and leadership experience that are transferable to a career 
  • Connect to a large TIE alumni network

TIE Interns pose for a photo on zoom with our invited guest panelists for our TIE Non-Profit Sector Panel Seminar. 

Intern Expectations

  • Communicate promptly with your CBO site supervisor and APASS TIE staff
  • Complete tasks and responsibilities assigned by CBO
  • Set up a CBO project plan with your site supervisor
  • Attend required orientation, bi-weekly seminars, meetings with your cohort, and TIE Graduation

Anticipated Hour Commitment

  • 1.5 hour TIE Cohort Orientation
  • 50 hours at internship site placement (roughly 6-7 hours per week)
  • 4 hours biweekly seminar 
  • 4 hours biweekly CAP meetings with cohort
  • 1.5 hour TIE Graduation
  • Interns will meet with TIE Internship Coordinator for a mid-program check-in

Calling All Community Organizations!

Interested in serving as CBO Internship Site Placement?

Interested in Partnering with APASS?

Learn More By Clicking Below!
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Why serve as a CBO Internship Site Placement?

  • Gain support on special projects for your organization
  • Support the learning and development of young leaders with an interest in community-driven work and serving the APIDA community
  • Build a valuable partnership with USC and APASS

Applications for CBO Internship Site Placement are currently closed for Spring 2022. Learn more about serving as a partner next Spring here 

CBO Internship Site Placements

We are honored to partner with the following Community-Based Organizations (CBO) who are offering internship site placements for our interns in Spring 2022. Learn more about each of our CBOs below. 

Catalyst SGV Inc.

Catalyst San Gabriel Valley Incorporated
We specialize to activate local congregations to become active stakeholders in the cities they worship.
Learn more


Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment
Political & civic empowerment via voter outreach, training, education, and leadership development.
Learn more


Center for the Pacific Asian Family
Build healthy & safe communities by addressing causes and consequences of family violence & violence against women.
Learn more

Chinatown BID

Chinatown Business Improvement District
Seeks to creatively plan, manage and facilitate the rebirth of LA's historic Chinatown.
Learn more

Promise Foundation

El Monte Promise Foundation
Ensure a college-ready culture in the El Monte region and surrounding communities.
Learn more


East West Players
Visibility of APA experience via theatrical productions, developing artists of color & education programs.
Learn more


Hope Community Services
Support Vietnamese Americans to excel through educational, cultural, social, and charitable activities.
Learn more


SAAHAS for Cause
Educate, enable, and empower South Asian immigrant community to improve quality of life.
Learn more


Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics
Achieve full participation and equality for APIs through leadership, empowerment, and policy.
Learn more


Viet Rainbow of Orange County
Grounded in values of equity, healing, joy, and social justice to support Vietnamese LGBTQ+ community.
Learn more

Thai CDC

Thai Community Development Center
Advance the social and economic well-being of low and moderate income Thais and other ethnic communities.
Learn more


Association for the Advancement of Filipino American Arts & Culture
Support, promote, advance, develop and cultivate Filipino arts and culture.
Learn more


Search to Involve Pilipino Americans
Enriching and empowering lives of Filipino Americans in Historic Filipinotown and beyond.
Learn more

Spring 2022 TIE Internships

For complete internship position descriptions, responsibilities, and expectations, please log into connectSC to see the job posting. Candidates may apply for up to 3 internships. In connectSC, search for “APASS Tie Program” and/or the Requisition #. 

Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) Coordinator
Hosted by FilAm ARTS
Req #: 253325

Program Intern
Hosted by LEAP
Req #: 253322

Community Engagement Intern
Hosted by El Monte Promise Foundation
Req #: 253323

Research and Evaluation Intern
Hosted by
El Monte Promise Foundation
Req #: 253324

Program Assistant Intern
Hosted by VROC
Req #: 253326

Community Outreach Intern
Hosted by Chinatown BID
Req #: 253327

Community Engagement Researcher
Hosted by Catalyst SGV Inc. 
Req #: 253328

Communications Intern
Hosted by East West Players
Req #: 253329

Leadership Programs Intern
Hosted by CAUSE
Req #: 253330

East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market Community Event Planner
Hosted by Thai CDC
Req #: 253331

El Monte Thai Garment Slavery Case Website and Book Coordinator
Hosted by Thai CDC
Req #: 253332

Community Planning, Policy Advocacy, and Civic Engagement Assistant
Hosted by Thai CDC
Req #: 253333

Outreach & Advocacy Intern
Hosted by HOPE Community Services
Req #: 253334

Community Outreach & Engagement Internship
Hosted by CPAF
Req #: 253335

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign Intern
Hosted by SAAHAS for Cause
Req #: 253336

Multi-Media Communication and Outreach Intern
Hosted by SAAHAS for Cause
Req #: 253337

Programs Intern
Hosted by SIPA
Req #: 253495 



  • Must be a currently enrolled USC undergraduate or graduate student. 
  • Must be in good academic standing. 
  • Must be able to provide own transportation to and from internship placement location (if travel is required). 

Do you identify as a...

  • First-generation college student
  • Transfer student
  • Former foster youth
  • Undocumented
  • Resident in USC Residential College or Living Learning Community
  • Spiritual or Faith-based religion

We’re looking for you! Not sure if you identify? Email the TIE Internship Coordinator at usctie@usc.edu. 

The Application for Spring 2022 has closed. Please check our website for updates on application details for Spring 2023. 

Important Dates

Jan 31 – Internship Application Opens
Feb 6 – Internship Application Deadline (11:59pm PST)
Feb 9 & 10 – Candidates invited to sign up for interviews
Feb 14 & 15 – Interview Days with CBOs
Feb 16-18 – Internship matching
Feb 18 – Internship offers distributed 

Feb 25* – Internship Orientation
Feb 28* – First day of internship
April 29* – Last day of internship
April 29* – TIE Graduation

How to Apply!

The application is a TWO-part process. You must complete BOTH components for a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Questions? Contact the TIE Internship Coordinator at usctie@usc.edu. 

PART 1: Apply to the TIE Internship Program. Complete the application link by clicking below. Be prepared to respond to short answer questions.

We use your application to get a sense for your interest in our program. 

PART 2: Apply to a CBO internship site placement. You may apply for up to 3 internships. You only need one internship offer to participate in the program. Be prepared to submit a current resume. 

Complete internship descriptions, responsibilities, and expectations can be found on the connectSC page. You may need to create your connectSC account. Once in connectSC, search for “APASS Tie Program” and/or the Requisition #. Req #s can be found with the internship position title in the section above. 

We use your resume and skills to see how well you match to a CBO and the internship position. 

Campus Action Project

Check out the Spring 2021 cohort’s Campus Action Projects (CAPs)! CAPs are produced by TIE interns and seek to address critical social issues as seen and/or experienced by APIDA students at USC. 

Not Your Model Minority

CAP team members craft a zine project to address the Monolithithic representation of Asian American students at USC.

Southeast Asian Coalition

CAP team members propose Southeast Asian Ethnic Studies at USC through the leadership of the Southeast Asian Coalition.

APIDA Discrimination at USC

CAP team members reflect and gather data on how Asians and Asian Americans have been dispropotionately targeted because of COVID-19.

TIE Intern Testimonials