PULE – NHPI Initiative


The APASS Pacific Islander-focused initiative – PULE: Promoting Unity, Liberation, and Education – launched in the spring of 2010. PULE (pronounced PU-LAY) means “leader” in a number of Oceanic languages. PULE events and programs are open to ALL.

Promoting Unity Leadership& Education (PULE) is committed to serving the Pacific Islander community on and off campus. We strive to build a safe space for PI community development, promote cultural solidarity and leadership, and higher education awareness for Pacific Islander youth.

POTO High School Mentorship

The POTO program assists in the college preparation of high school students for admissions into a higher learning institution. This program will develop leadership skills in the PI Community such as networking, and empower students to think about their own cultural identity and heritage. POTO will develop a sense of community for Pacific Islander students on and off campus.

Youth Summit

The mission of the Youth Summit is to bring together Pacific Islander middle and high school students and their families for workshops, panels, and presentations to motivate, inspire, and inform about college opportunities and other self-empowering resources.

Program History

  • We Are Leaders: Pacific Islander Success Panel & Networking Workshop
  • Pacific Islander Ethnic Art Museum & Lunch Visit
  • Screening of Boy, written & directed by Taika Waititi (co-sponsored with School of Cinematic Arts)
  • Development or Degradation?: Militarization In the Pacific Islands (a panel discussion co-sponsored with the School of Social Work)
  • POTO – Pacific Islander High School Outreach