DESI Project – South Asian Initiative


DESI Project stands for Defining and Enriching South Asian Issues. DESI Project is a dialogue-oriented, year-round series of events offered by APASS, focusing on hot topics in South Asian and South Asian American communities. DESI Project events are open to all, and discussions range from the role of religion in gender roles, to skin color issues, to sex and dating, and more. DESI Project has conducted documentary screenings, book clubs, and numerous panel discussions.

Program History

Past panels have focused on:

  • Sex and sexuality
  • Gender roles
  • The exploitation of slum culture for entertainment (“Slum-sploitation?”)
  • Skin color issues (“Fair and Lovely vs. Dark and Ugly?”)
  • Religion and law (“From Secular to Sacred”)
  • Stereotypes
  • South Asian

Awareness events included:

  • The Health of South Asians Conference
  • Flooded Lands, Dried Up Coverage: Pakistan’s Catastrophe
  • South Asian Bone Marrow Drive