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Founded in 1982, Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS) has grown alongside the University and the APA community. From mentoring to leadership development, community-based research to educational programs, APASS has developed a full-array of programs and services meeting the needs of a dynamic APA student community.

Now in our 35th year, APASS is in a strong position to take advantage of strategic partnerships in the APA community and within the University community to develop significant campus-community partnerships. Your donation will go supporting APASS’ programming, including community internships, direct student retention programs, and building a legacy of Asian Pacific American excellence

All gifts to APASS tax-deductible gifts to the University of Southern California.
Please check with your company about matching gifts to education.

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Wang,

Funding Opportunities

  • A gift of up to $100 supports the center’s daily functions and ensure that students can access our services, including: printing, snacks and coffee, and study materials!
  • A gift of $250 supports 10 students to participate in our annual CIRCLE Leadership Retreat!
  • A gift of $500 supports a TIE Community Internship stipend for a student!
  • A gift of $1000 or more supports our ongoing outreach and programs for the APA community, including: high school outreach, advising and counseling services, and the APASS Student Emergency Fund.