Alumni Engagement Opportunities

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Alumni are recruited year-round to support our Connections! program. Interested alums can fill our the form below, and we’ll contact you when there’s an engagement opportunity with our students.

Potential opportunities include: keynote speaking, workshop and panels, training, mentoring opportunities, and more!

Since 1991, Connections! has matched nearly 1,000 Asian Pacific American undergraduate students with alumni. APASS is excited to continue this well-established program as well as exploring new initiatives to support the APA community.

Alumni Interest Form

Connections! The Asian Pacific American (APA) Career Development Program at USC connects undergraduate students with alumni and other professionals in a field of interest. This program was created to meet the career development needs of APA students specifically in a culturally-influenced context.

Oftentimes the experiences of being a person of Asian or Pacific Islander descent make personal and professional development issues more complex. Many of our students have relatively little access to advice or direct experience in a particular field and even less to perspectives from someone who shares some of their lived experiences. Even if you don’t actively consider yourself as being particularly “ethnic,” there is a chance that some of your values and experiences will be similar to those of another Asian Pacific American.

Through Connections! students can learn first-hand what work in a particular field is like and what it took to get to a particular place. Through Connections! alumni and other professionals can help a student not only figure out what they want to do in life, but why they want to do it.