Statement and Actions for Black Lives

Statement on Black Lives

APASS unequivocally supports #BlackLivesMatter. We commit to erasing anti-Blackness in the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American community. We are in solidarity with the Black community and understand that our histories are inextricably linked. Without justice and liberation of the Black and African American community, we can not seek justice and liberation for the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American community.

2020-2021 Action Items

As a cultural center, we recognize our position enables us to serve in multiple ways to address anti-racism, justice, and equity at USC. There is a clear and immediate need for systemic and cultural change at USC, including in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

We commit to:

  • Making curricular changes to our PEER first-year mentorship programs for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to include anti-racist pedagogy. All of our mentors and mentees will be able to address anti-Blackness in their individual and collective lives.
  • Making curricular updates to our CIRCLE Social Justice and Leadership program to strengthen our “Solidarity”, “Race”, and “Identity” lesson plans to include anti-racist and justice-orientated work.
  • Making APASS a safe space for all students of all identities. APASS is open to all students, and no student should be excluded from the resources we provide to the whole community, whether in-person or online.
  • Recognizing the complexity and potential erasure of Black voices in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We will center Black and Asian American and Black and Pacific Islander multiracial experiences and narratives in our values, goals, and programs.
  • Providing financial support for programs that bring together the Black and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
  • Creating education models for student organizations (including: Asian Greek organizations, professional organizations, hip-hop dance teams, service organizations, and others) on racism, anti-Blackness, and discrimination in their organization.

Our mission at APASS has always been, and will always be, oriented toward social and racial justice. We celebrate the intersection of all identities, including trans, queer, disabled, and other minoritized identities.

Black Lives Matter. All Black Lives Matter. We will hold USC, APASS, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities to a higher standard than what it has historically provided to our Black community.