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Not Your Model Minority

CAP Team Members, Amanda Zhang, Angela Liu, Megan Chao, Warren Oetojo, and Yuna Jeong, centered their project on the Monolithic representation of Asian American students at USC presented in a creative zine. 

Their zine aims to help address the parts of Asian history that often go unseen as well as highlight how the portrayal of Asian Americans as a monolith affects mental health, trauma, and even the rise of anti-Asian violence we see today. 

Members of the group surveyed a pool of APIDA students to gauge the campus climate surrounding Asian/Asian American issues at USC. 

This zine highlights a brief Asian American history, unpacking of the Model Minority Myth, and data around mental health. Group members discuss the data they collected from their survey and conclude with recommendations for the University. 

To view the CAP, click the download link below.